It is the first project that attempts to introduce blockchain technology in the education and training of professionals, with an instantaneous communication platform in which teachers can communicate and monitor student progress in real time. Our team of developers is working on creating an innovative site based and operated with blockchain technology where teachers and students can communicate through chat or video calls in real time, as well as unique options to provide a unique experience for teachers and students. The project was carried out with the MasterNode / PoS technology to guarantee that the network is in an optimal stat
SuperFast The transactions Are lighting fast.
Anonymous SPCC provides you full anonymity
Secure MN - PoW network protects transactions.

Marketing & Promotion 19,3%

Team Member 7%

Community 5%

Misc 2%

List on Exchanges

and monitors 33,3%

Public Presale 33,3%

Coin Specs
Masternode Reward 80% Masternodes - 20% Staking
Coin Name SpecialCoin
Algorithm Quark Protocol
Ticker SPCC
Block Time 60 secs
Masternode Collateral 1,000 SPCC
Total Supply 30 Millions
RPC Port 21005
Premine 200,000 SpecialCoin
P2P Port 21013
Q3 - 2018 Q4 - 2018 Q1 - 2019 Q2 - 2019 Q3 - 2019
-Project research, prototype creation. -Development of the chain of blocks, wallet and block explorer. -Marketing campaign I, -Start of presale -White paper and Website design. -Listed on CryptoBridge - -Listing in cryptos sites of interest. -Launch of block chain, wallet and explorer block -Development of mobile wallet and wallet. -Listed in CoinMarketCap -First educators contest. -Launch of the beta of SpecialCoin.Edu (Multiplatform) -Opening of courses I, for web development, graphic design and development of blockchain technology. -Marketing campaign II. -Second educators contest. -Opening of courses II (This phase will be chosen by MN owners, apart from block rewards they will receive 16% of the profits generated by these courses) -Official launch of SpecialCoin.Edu (Multiplatform)
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